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Army Games

Our variety of war games puts you in control as commander in chief. Put in charge and lead your group in the field already, or train your troops to war on a grand scale!
Our challenges come in a variety of formats, from direct, troops against troops, to the role-based style in which you have to plan your attacks and launch weapons at your leisure.
Prehistoric battle, fighting outdoors in famous lands, or even go to war in modern times; several challenges until you can control a modern band and fight with your opponents in a virtual city!

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Notebook Wars 2

He directs all planes take off and land safely at the airport! As air traffic controller , your job is…

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Dogfight 2

Make movements in the air to win intense dogfights! This war game gives you the ability to destroy whole armies….

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Strafe WW II

Fly on deadly missions as a pilot during World War II ! Your first adventure begins in the Netherlands in…